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Date Created : April 2021

The Client

White Lotus Design is a graphic design business based in Glasgow, Scotland. White Lotus Design is run by my sister, Nicole and offers a variety of branding and graphic design based services.

The Goal

The goal for this project was to update the existing website with a more modern user friendly design. We wanted to create a website that contained different design elements that can be used throughout the whole website to keep everything consistent. The website is multifunctional as it provides information on the graphic design services White Lotus Design offers, as well as an ecommerce store where Nicole sells her artwork and illustrations.



All initial design and development on this project is complete. However I regularly perform small updates, maintain the website and also manage the shop, adding new products and editing existing products whenever the client needs me to. The client and I are delighted with the way the website turned out in the end. I think the professional branding provided for a unique and very modern design and I had a lot of fun working on this project because of that.



Hero Section

The client and I loved the hero section I designed and as a result we decided to implement it all over the website by making small adjustments based on the page it’s on.

The design allows for the website to be cohesive and consistent, tying together the static informational side of the website and the ecommerce store. The design adhered to the brands style well as it stayed within the colour palette, contained the White Lotus Design fonts and tied in their love for opacity.

This layout has also been used in other formats by White Lotus Design such as briefs, invoices and even new business cards!

Stripes & Overlapping Elements

Two new design themes—stripes and overlapping elements—are introduced. Overlapping elements on websites are very common in trendy modern designs these days, so I decided to implement them into the White Lotus Design website, and I love the end result. I feel it ties sections together much better and makes the general flow of the website smoother. Whether it’s images overlapping sections, text overlapping text, or the traditional lotus at low opacity behind text, it worked wonderfully for this design.

The stripes were a coincidental design choice I made when trying to think of unique ways to split up the services White Lotus Design offered. After showing this design to Nicole, she instantly loved it and remembered that she had an image of herself sitting on striped pillars. This image solidified the design and again tied the two sections together with a consistent theme: stripes.


Other Projects

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This is my latest and most dynamic freelance project, involving my sister’s ecommerce business. Prior to starting her business, she worked as a graphic designer and was therefore able to create incredible branding. The purpose of the project was to develop a robust e-commerce website that adheres to a consistent aesthetic, effectively attracts customers, and showcases her brand identity and products.
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