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Date Created : February 2022

The Client

PT² is a personal trainer based in GymOne, Alexandria. She offers different training plans from in person sessions with people from the local area to online sessions with people from all around the world.

The Goal

The goal for this project was to give the client their first real online presence. Up until now the client has gained customers solely from word of mouth. I wanted to provide Pamela with a unique, eye catching website that would motivate any potential clients that could come across it.



The outcome of this project was very positive, Pamela loved the design and so did her clients. Since launching the website she has gained many clients and is now has little to no availability left.


Other Projects

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This is my latest and most dynamic freelance project, involving my sister’s ecommerce business. Prior to starting her business, she worked as a graphic designer and was therefore able to create incredible branding. The purpose of the project was to develop a robust e-commerce website that adheres to a consistent aesthetic, effectively attracts customers, and showcases her brand identity and products.
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