Mass Hearing Specialists

Website Re-design, Prototype



Date Created : April 2024



Mega Menu!

In an effort to improve our websites for our clients our development team explored the functionality of mega menus and decided to integrate them into our upcoming projects. This prompted me to dive into designing a mega menu using Figma for the first time, a tool I’ve recently learned after transitioning from Adobe XD. The team and myself agree this is a great addition to our clients websites and the design came out perfect. It not only maintains a sleek and cohesive appearance within our website’s design but also significantly improves user navigation.


Other Projects

Messi Pups

This is my latest and most dynamic freelance project, involving my sister’s ecommerce business. Prior to starting her business, she worked as a graphic designer and was therefore able to create incredible branding. The purpose of the project was to develop a robust e-commerce website that adheres to a consistent aesthetic, effectively attracts customers, and showcases her brand identity and products.

The Azores

More information coming soon!
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