Concept Project

Blonde Ambition

Design underway. Development coming soon



The Client

This is a concept project for a hairdressing business based in Glasgow.

Clients backstory
“We started in 2015 as a two man band and have grown over the past 6 years to have branches across Glasgow and surrounding areas. We are primarily hairdressers but in 2019 have diversified into the world of wigs and even donate bundles to cancer charities each Christmas. We are blonde we are ambitious and we are ready for a refresh!”

Logo and branding done by White Lotus Design

The Goal

The goal for Blonde Ambition’s website is to make everything look as cohesive and professional as possible. I want the website to properly reflect the business and the branding created for it, as well as portraying the correct feeling and emotion that would be expected from this kind of business. The website is multifunctional and will feature both a booking system and an ecommerce shop.



More information coming soon!




Other Projects


More information coming soon!

Accounting and Finance

Although the brief and instructions for this assessment were very vague my goal when redesigning the website was to provide a much cleaner, branded and user friendly design. I chose to go with solid colours, sharp lines and a consistent colour palette.
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