Andersen Press

Website Redesign



Date Created : April 2022

The Client

This project was from my previous job. The client was Andersen Press, a large publishing company best known for publishing the famous children’s series “Elmer the Patchwork Elephant” by David McKee.

The Goal

The client requested an updated website with a clean and fresh design that appeals to children and parents alike. The website would act as a large and complex database of not only books published by Andersen Press, but also authors signed to them, apps created by them, and much more. To achieve this goal, I created detailed wireframes and storyboards of each page’s potential appearance. I carefully selected a primary color palette that meets accessibility standards, and incorporated cute animal illustrations to make the website more child-friendly and fun. On the homepage, colors were used randomly, but as you navigate through different pages, you’ll notice that I carefully assigned each database item a color; blue for authors, green for business items, and red for books etc.



Personally, I loved the work I did on this website. Unfortunately, it was the last website I created for my previous job before being made redundant. Therefore, I was unable to receive feedback from the client about their thoughts on the website. Despite this, I am confident that I met all the requirements outlined in the brief as I provided a clean and fresh website design that is fun and attractive to both children and parents.


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