Concept Project

Accounting and Finance

Website Redesign



The Client

This is an assessment I completed for a full time UI/UX role.
This website is for an accounting company and I received a copy of the old website and got asked to redesign it, taking inspiration from this website.

The Goal

Although the brief and instructions for this assessment were very vague my goal when redesigning the website was to provide a much cleaner, branded and user friendly design. I chose to go with solid colours, sharp lines and a consistent colour palette.



Overall, I personally really like the design and believe it would be effective in gaining customers if it was for a real client that had provided text and perhaps their own images.

I think the design adheres much better to the company’s brand with the different shades of blue found frequently throughout the whole page. This creates a cohesive and consistent look and I believe with the extra white space it provides a website that has a much better flow.




Other Projects


More information coming soon!

Blonde Ambition

The goal for Blonde Ambition’s website is to make everything look as cohesive and professional as possible. I want the website to properly reflect the business and the branding created for it, as well as portraying the correct feeling and emotion that would be expected from this kind of business. The website is multifunctional and will feature both a booking system and an ecommerce shop.
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